Non-Alcoholic Cocktails are Becoming Popular: That’s How You Make Them

Non-Alcoholic Cocktails are Becoming Popular: That’s How You Make Them

The popularity of non-alcoholic drinks is rising. For example, the consumption of alcohol-free beer has increased by 24.7 percent in the past year. Companies are responding to this by also bringing more and more non-alcoholic cocktails to the market.

How is a non-alcoholic drink made? The alcohol is cooked from the liquor. This allows you to transfer water with a distilled taste. Sometimes herbs are also added to the drink.

Get yourself started making alcohol-free cocktails:
Lounge sets, sunscreen and sunglasses will not be a luxury shortly. With sunny temperatures in prospect, many will feel like a delicious, cold cocktail. In case you do not feel like going out the door, we share recipes for three non-alcoholic refreshments so that you can get started yourself:

Gin Tonic
Gin tonic seems only to become more popular. Do you want to make the alcohol-free version? Then turn the following: a lemon, a drop of non-woven blossom syrup, a slice of cucumber, a handful of raspberries, tonic or sparkling water and possibly fresh mint, says Women’s Health.

If you have everything (in-house), you can get started: put the raspberries on the bottom of the glass with the slice of cucumber on it. Then squeeze out half the lemon and pour it over it. Add the drop of elderberry syrup to taste. Fill the rest of the glass with tonic. Decorate the glass with the half slice of lemon.

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