What is a Thawb- Get a Glimpse of Thawb History

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Many of you have seen people wearing the thawb but do we know what it is and its historical significance?

Thawb is a traditional clothing that is made to cover the whole body. Its length ends to the ankle and is made with full sleeves. Thawb is also termed as thobe and dishdasha in different parts of the globe.

Thawb is an Arabic term used for the word: garment. It is a traditional outfit worn by arab men. In many areas, it is termed as thawb, whereas, in others, it is named as thaub or thobe. Thawb has a historical presence in Arabian culture, where it was adopted as a traditional outfit for men.

The biggest misconception about thawb is that they are available in different colours and are adorable as well. Reality is, traditional thawb is available in white colour only, which can either have light stripes on it. Else, plain white thawb is the real gem that brings your beauty and expresses admiration.

However, the changing era has introduced thawb of different colours in the market, and many have started wearing it. Above all, white is by far the most favourite colour that is considered across the globe.

In winters, the colour might change to black or brown to absorb heat and keep the body warmer. Many people think that white thawb is only worn on occasions. Instead, the white thawb is the traditional wear that can be adopted anytime you want – from Friday prayers, to work, to funerals, to restaurants and on a daily basis too.

Now, coming to its trend and style, thawb doesn’t have a specific fashion variation that can be adopted. Instead, the style completely varies from one country to another. Most commonly, they are collarless garments with full sleeves and have bigger sizes to offer enough breathable space for men. Embroidered thawb has nowadays become popular in the market too.

In different parts of the globe, the style of a thawb changes accordingly. E.g., in Saudi Arabia, the thawb is a slim fit that resembles more like a shirt with two-three buttons near its collar.

The Islamic religion undoubtedly encourages modesty in wearing the right and most available garments without compromising with their religious sentiments. Fashion is always a trend, but Islamic people never forget about the importance of religion in human life.

Today, numerous industries have started manufacturing custom thawb that doesn’t fit you at all. Instead, they are made for special occasions only. Al Thawb is one of the renowned brands in the United Kingdom that gives you unmatched thawbs at affordable prices. You can choose from versatile buying options and choose the best fit thawb for your next occasion.

So, what more do you want to know about traditional thawb? Do let us know in the comments section below. Also, tell us what type of designer thawbs you have seen in your surroundings?

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