Much Support for New Italian Prime Minister Draghi in Senate

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The new Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has survived the first vote of confidence in parliament.


His new government got the support of the vast majority of senators there late on Wednesday evening: 262 voted in favour, 40 against.

The outcome of the vote comes as no surprise. The former CEO of the European Central Bank must lead a government of national unity. This is supported by both left and right parties, from the Forza Italia of former Prime Minister Berlusconi to the large protest party Five Star Movement (M5S).

Draghi also has to take a hurdle in parliament on Thursday. Then the Chamber of Deputies still has to vote on his government. It is faced with both an economic crisis and the corona crisis. The second vote in parliament is seen as a formality.

The new prime minister gave a speech on Wednesday in which he presented his policy plans. Among other things, Draghi wants to speed up vaccinations and reform the economy.

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