Vital Tips to Select the Ideal Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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A healthy home always starts from the kitchen. In other terms, the kitchen is the heart of your house that provides healthy and nutritious food to the entire family. That’s why it’s essential to manage and design your kitchen smartly. For example, the right selection of cabinet hardware is necessary when you are renovating or constructing your kitchen from scratch.

With the right cabinet hardware, you can keep your kitchen essentials in an organized manner without making a mess. However, for some, the selection of the proper kitchen cabinet hardware can be daunting. Hence, we are here to provide you with some vital tips in selecting the ideal kitchen cabinet hardware.

Start with Right Hardware Colour Selection:

You can find many colour options, including brass, steel, chrome, enamel, wooden, and many other options. The right colour selection complements your kitchen, and hence you should make the proper selection to ensure everything matches well together. In addition, finishing matters in your kitchen, even if the hardware is different. E.g., if you are selecting steel handles, make sure the entire hardware has the same texture and finishing.

Find Budget-Friendly Hardware:

Not every homeowner has sound investment to make in their kitchen. Most people have budget constraints; hence, they always find a cost-effective hardware option. You should always find a budget-friendly option but never compromise with the functionality and quality. With time, wear & tear is common for your kitchen hardware. However, low-quality hardware will lose its strength in a short period. With a short lifespan, they require either complete replacement or frequent repairs.

Check Hardware Comfort & Functionality:

Your cabinet functionality and comfort are necessary to acknowledge, as it is a one-time investment. You should check all hardware to ensure cabinet functionality without loopholes. Here is the common hardware you should acknowledge.

  • Knobs/ Pulls: Pulls or long handles are never a good option as it can disturb your daily work. It will further cause complications in opening or closing the cabinet. Long handles or pulls are only recommended for heavy drawers to distribute the load on bigger areas.
  • Soft Push Latches: Installing push latches is common to lock the drawer/cabinet without hassle. The push latch, however, requires a gentle push to open the shutter. Properly installed latches will bring back the shutter in position and lock the door softly.
  • Advanced Cabinet Hinges: Installation of quality hinges is essential to maintain cabinet functionality for a long. More often, the cabinet hinges are categorized into regular hinges and lift-up hinges. The rotating angle of regular cabinet hinges ranges from 90 degrees to 270 degrees. Simultaneously, the lift-up hinges are used for overhead cabinets with glass shutters (more often).


Choose Modern Hardware Style:

Kitchen hardware style changes with the trend, which you should know before investing. For example, the modern overhead cabinets prefer lift-up hinges that give a posh look to your kitchen. Further, plain shutters are still in trend as they are installed with recessed pulls. These design options complement your kitchen without heavy investment.

With these tips, it becomes highly convenient to make the right decision in cabinet hardware selection.

So, which of these tips do you know and which are you going to add to your list?

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